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Before I became a speaker, I helped raise awareness within the NHS following mistakes that happened to my healthy born son -, that endeavoured me to help other families prevent what happened to my son.
Since this I have been inspired to find new ways of helping people and have begun my journey into property investing. Having spoken at Rotary clubs and Property events around the country, the thrill of seeing and meeting people, connecting with friends and sharing the property investing journey excites me.
My previous talks have included:
How to beat adversity and conquer on
Branding and Design - How it's important
I appreciate your interest in having me speak at your event and I look forward to connecting with you and your audience.

I love helping people. There’s real magic in those moments - for the audience and me. I hope to share below why I love speaking and how you can book me to speak at your event if you feel we’d be a great match.

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